How to Make Your Rental Application Stand Out: Get the Property You Want!

Date Published 03 May 2022

When you've found your dream rental, there's nothing worse than finding out the property is in high demand – and you've got competition.
If multiple people are applying for the house or apartment you want, you may be wondering, 'How can I make my rental application stand out?'.

In this article, we'll share our advice on making your rental application stand out from the crowd when you're applying for a rental property in New Malden KT3 and surrounding areas .

1. Speak to a Letting Agent

First, it's best to speak to the letting agent before applying for the property. Ask specifically what information you'll need to include in your application and take notes.
Your letting agent will likely know the landlord well, so it can't hurt to ask if they have any tailored advice about how to make your application stand out.

2. Apply Early

Sending your application in early is always a good idea. Once you've viewed the rental property and told the letting agent you're interested, they'll be expecting your application.
The sooner you send it to them, the more serious they'll think you are – which could help your application get accepted.

3. Don't Miss a Thing

The worst thing you can do when sending a rental application to a letting agent is to have key information missing. For example, missing references, email addresses that bounce back, absent documents and so on.
This can delay the application process and make you appear disorganised to the landlord, so double-check that you've included everything before hitting send.
If you need help preparing everything, speak to your letting agent for advice.

4. Create a Cover Letter

Writing a personalised cover letter to your landlord is an excellent way to make your rental application stand out. Don't be afraid to sell yourself and highlight all the important things.
We suggest, when writing a cover letter, that you:
• Introduce yourself with a high-level summary of your living and employment status
• Share some details about why you're interested in the property
• Give an overview of what you've included in the application
• Add a polite closing summary

5. Send a Video

This can be a game-changer! Sending a video of yourself can be an excellent way for the landlord and letting agent get to know you better. Plus, seeing someone on camera can help build a greater sense of trust.
If you're applying to rent a property with a pet, we highly recommend doing this and having the pet in the video with you! It can help show the landlord how well behaved your pet is and even convince them to accept your pet request.

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