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7 Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home 25 November 2020

Increasing the value of your home in New Malden is a smart way to go further with your investment. Even if housing prices naturally increase in the area as it develops, renovating and improving your home will boost its value even further. Between improving its aesthetics for yourself, and increasing the financial value for when you sell, here at Groves Residential we want to share with you our top seven tips to get you there!... Read More

What will the Property Market Look Like in New Malden After Lockdown Ends? 11 November 2020

If you"re a homeowner or a homebuyer in New Malden wondering what to expect in the property world when the lockdown is fully lifted, you"re not alone. As this pandemic is so unprecedented, even we in the property industry aren"t entirely clear on what the eventual full reopening of the housing market will look like as it"s impossible to predict.... Read More