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5 Tips To Make Your Property Look Lighter And Larger 26 May 2023

Not Every Property Has Large Windows Or Plenty Of Floor Space!

Space and light are two key things that tenants and buyers are looking for when searching for a home in New Malden KT3 and surrounding areas . Sadly, not every property has large windows or plenty of floor space.... Read More

Green Living – A Tenant`s Guide To Sustainable Renting 16 March 2023

Can It Be More Challenging To Live In A Sustainable Way If You"re Renting

If you own your own property in New Malden KT3 and surrounding areas , it isn"t too difficult to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. However, if you"re renting a property, it can be more challenging to live in a sustainable way.... Read More

First Time Buyers: First Things To Do When Moving Into Your New Home in New Malden KT3 and surrounding areas 03 March 2023

Moving into your first home is one of the biggest and most exciting life events that you"ll go through, but with so much to take in it can be difficult knowing where to start.

This handy guide will take you through some of the key things you"ll need to do when you"re moving into your new home in New Malden KT3 and surrounding areas .... Read More

Should You Let a Property Furnished or Unfurnished in New Malden KT3 and surrounding areas ? 29 July 2022

Are you in the midst of deciding whether you should let your property furnished or unfurnished? Many factors come into play when making the decision, like the location, target market, and your return-on-investment goals.

If you"re on the fence about letting a property furnished or unfurnished, here"s an overview of the pros and cons to help you decide.... Read More

6 Budget Planning Tips for First Time Buyers in New Malden KT3 and surrounding areas 12 July 2022

Working to get your foot on the property ladder in New Malden KT3 and surrounding areas is no easy task, but with a market that has seen a slow down, now could be the perfect time to buy your first home. There"s a lot to consider, like which area to choose and what type of property to buy, but above all else, your budget should be your top consideration.... Read More

7 Must Ask Questions When Viewing a Property for Sale in New Malden KT3 and surrounding areas 10 May 2022

Buying a house in New Malden KT3 and surrounding areas is likely to be the most expensive purchase you will ever make. Yet the decision to make an offer on something worth hundreds of thousands of pounds is made, on average, in just 25 minutes. Some people can spend longer than that deciding whether to purchase a £49 pair of shoes!... Read More

How to Make Your Rental Application Stand Out: Get the Property You Want! 03 May 2022

When you"ve found your dream rental, there"s nothing worse than finding out the property is in high demand – and you"ve got competition.
If multiple people are applying for the house or apartment you want, you may be wondering, "How can I make my rental application stand out?".... Read More

7 Tips for Finding Your Perfect Home 28 February 2022

Buying a home in New Malden KT3 and surrounding areas is an incredibly exciting endeavour, although it can be stressful and overwhelming to make sure you"ve found the right one. After all, it is the single largest purchase most people make in their entire lives, so it shouldn"t be taken lightly.... Read More

2022 Update: EPC Rules are Changing 21 February 2022

Energy Performance Certificates (or EPCs) have, until now, been barely significant when it comes to the New Malden KT3 and surrounding areas housing market. But it"s important to be aware that there are big changes afoot with regard to EPC requirements, and landlords in New Malden KT3 and surrounding areas need to pay close attention.... Read More

Should You Work With a Letting Agent as a Landlord? 02 February 2022

Are you wondering whether you should work with a letting agent as a landlord? Depending on your situation, working with a letting agent can be a great way to save time, money and stress.
If you"re wondering what a letting agent does and whether you should work with one, here"s everything you need to know to help you decide.... Read More

Eco-Friendly Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Home 14 December 2021

An eco-friendly home is a growing trend. Not only is opting for more sustainable decorations a great way to support the health of our planet, but it can help sell your home too!

According to UK statistics, more than 70%[1] of millennials are willing to pay extra for an eco-friendly property.... Read More

10 Tips for Buy-to-Let Success 15 November 2021

Buying a property and letting it out can be very rewarding. Not only do you receive a rental income, but the property itself should also increase in value over time.

The property you are renting out is an investment, but you must make sure that it is looked after and well maintained.... Read More