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Eco-Friendly Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Home 14 December 2021

An eco-friendly home is a growing trend. Not only is opting for more sustainable decorations a great way to support the health of our planet, but it can help sell your home too!

According to UK statistics, more than 70%[1] of millennials are willing to pay extra for an eco-friendly property.... Read More

10 Tips for Buy-to-Let Success 15 November 2021

Buying a property and letting it out can be very rewarding. Not only do you receive a rental income, but the property itself should also increase in value over time.

The property you are renting out is an investment, but you must make sure that it is looked after and well maintained.... Read More

Tips for Making an Offer: First Time Buyers 18 October 2021

Buying your first home is both an exciting and daunting prospect, and making an offer can be particularly nerve-wracking if you"ve never done it before.

Getting your offer spot-on can be the difference between bagging a bargain and paying significantly over the odds for a property.... Read More

9 Quick Home Staging Tips for Autumn 21 September 2021

Home staging is the process of preparing your property for sale. It involves making your home look its absolute best, encouraging viewers to place an offer on your property.

It generally starts with a thorough declutter, which makes the property seem more inviting and helps hugely with the moving process.... Read More

The Benefits of Owning a Buy to Let Property 18 August 2021

Owning a buy to let in New Malden KT3 and surrounding areas and renting out your property can be very rewarding. It can be a way of having a regular income coming in, together with actually owning something that should increase in value over time.

If you are considering renting out a property, there are many things you need to make sure you get right, such as rental income, statutory obligations (e.... Read More

How to Avoid Losing Your Rental Deposit 13 July 2021

When you first begin renting a property, your new landlord is highly likely to ask for a deposit before letting you move in.

Typically, this is one month"s rent payable upfront, although it can be more in some cases.

Your landlord is legally required to protect your deposit in a tenancy deposit scheme.... Read More

How to Prepare Your Property for Rent 14 June 2021

Understanding how to prepare your property for rent is an important part of the process for landlords. Getting the preparation right can make all the difference if you want to find a tenant quickly.

Our extensive experience and knowledge of the property rental market in and around New Malden KT3 and surrounding areas will help you prepare your property for rent stress-free.... Read More

Getting the Best Tenant for Your Rental Property: 6 Tips for Landlords 14 May 2021

So, you"ve got a property to rent in New Malden KT3 and surrounding areas . You"ve invested your savings, or you have perhaps inherited a house, and now you want to rent it out.

Of course, you want to attract and choose the right tenants – those who will look after it, pay the rent, and cause you little to worry about.... Read More

How to Save for a Deposit Whilst Renting 15 April 2021

Banking on a deposit, tips to save for your perfect pad in New Malden KT3 and surrounding areas!

Looking to buy your own place in New Malden KT3 and surrounding areas and move out of rented accommodation? What a great thing to be doing, to get on the property ladder is a wonderful sense of achievement and a milestone to be proud of.... Read More

How to Sell Your Home Fast This Spring 12 March 2021

If you"re thinking about selling your home in New Malden and surrounding areas this spring and want a quick sale, then here are our tips to help you find a buyer in no time at all.

Be Flexible on Price

When it comes to selling your property in New Malden, a good estate agent will be able to give you a clear idea of the price range that it falls into.... Read More

7 Steps to Becoming a Residential Landlord in New Malden and Surrounding Areas 15 February 2021

There are a number of reasons people become residential landlords. Often, it"s because someone wants to do more with their savings and sees property as a sound investment with a regular income. It might also be that a person becomes an accidental landlord after inheriting a property or moving into a house with a partner.... Read More

Coronavirus Homeschooling: 5 Tips For Parents 14 January 2021

We are currently living through some pretty extraordinary times and all of our lives have changed.

Except for our fantastic keyworkers in the New Malden KT3 and surrounding areas, to whom we are eternally grateful during these difficult times, thousands of people are now having to adapt to working from home.... Read More